Shipping is now priced at £70 for every £200 of goods ordered.

Lintels are used in pairs to support the weight of the support block and liners as an alternative to a cast slab.

On a clear span of up to 1.2m a load of up to 3250Kg can be supported.

  Item CodeDescriptionWidthExt. Depth (mm)Ext. Height (mm)Weight (kg)Price
TLIN011500 x 140 x 215mm support lintel1500140215 £95.07
TLIN021500 x 140 x 150mm support lintel1500140150 £78.86
1464311500 x 140 x 140mm support lintel150014014071£88.20
TLIN031500 x 140 x 100mm support lintel1500140100 £40.68
TLIN041500 x 140 x 65mm support lintel150014065 £26.04
TLIN051350 x 140 x 215mm support lintel1350140215 £85.55
TLIN061350 x 140 x 100mm support lintel1350140100 £36.67
TLIN071350 x 140 x 65mm support lintel135014065 £23.43
TLIN08720 x 140 x 100mm support lintel720140100 £20.32
TLIN09900 x 100 x 65mm support lintel90010065 £10.65
TLIN10600 x 100 x 65mm support lintel60010065 £7.14

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