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The Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace

The Schiedel Isokern Garden Fireplace is the ideal solution for outdoor living.

This stunning focal point for any garden is available in 3 sizes and is delivered in a complete packaged solution. The natural volcanic pumice (sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland) gives this outdoor fireplace all the insulation needed to have a safe and spectacular centre-piece in any garden. The relatively small footprint also means that it can be placed against any wall, even in small gardens or yards, where space is at a premium.

The kit includes the chimney blocks, the lip glue for assembly, firebricks and also firebrick mortar and a render to either seal the joints or give an entire rendered finish.

The Garden 500 model comes with a log retainer and barbecue grill (additional log stores are available as extra). The 950 and 1200 models can have a log store and a barbecue grill as an additional extra.

This makes the Garden Fireplace the only choice for outdoor heating and living, from the leading experts in chimney solutions.

To see the range we stock, please see below.

The Garden Fireplace Kit

The Garden Fireplace kits (500, 950 & 1200 Models) include:

  • Modules for fireplace
  • Chimney Blocks
  • Lip glue for assembly of fireplace and chimney
  • Firebricks and firebrick mortar
  • Render for finish

The rendered or unrendered Fireplace can be painted.

Additional chimney blocks can be purchased for extra height. Log stores can be positioned below or to the side.

Take a look at some useful videos showing how easy it is to build the Garden Fireplace on our YouTube TV Channel.

  Item CodeDescriptionOpening Width (mm)Opening Height (mm)Ext. Width (mm)Ext. Depth (mm)Ext. Height (mm)Weight (kg)Price
169566Garden Fireplace 500 Model510540685 2155460kg£944.90
169567Garden Fireplace 950 Model9407201090 2250950kg£1,379.40
169568Garden Fireplace 1200 Model11807201330 22501100kg£1,773.20
157838Log Storage for 500 Model      £143.00
157837Log Storage for 950 Model      £198.00
168902Log Storage for 1200 Model      £214.50
130727Additional Block for 500 Model  44044030030kg£38.95
130708Additional Blocks for 950 and 1200 Models  54554530040kg£66.50
130723Capping for 500 Model  570570 18kg£54.75
130675Top Ring for 500 Model      £72.05
135093Top Ring for 950 and 1200 Models      £81.55
130732Rain Cap for all Models      £84.45
130771Chimney Glue 5kg     5kg£14.30
135329Render Plaster 25kg bag     25kg£49.50
151922Log Retainer for 950 Model      £41.60
151924Log Retainer for 1200 Model      £41.60

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